Purpose • Fellowship • Stories

Break Bread Daily is a platform seeking to draw one topic to the forefront of our daily conversations - our purpose. With not only differentiating what we do with what we’re called to do, but also sharing our journeys through fellowship, we are able to amplify God’s voice through the stories of His people.




Purpose · Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a writer, a thinker or even just a creative; we’re each given unique talents, individual skills, and specific spheres of influence, that cultivate the calling on our lives.


Storytelling · Break Bread Daily simply brings conversations about our purpose, your purpose, through storytelling. In the process from vision to execution, we share purpose experiences. Whether visually through social media, or even in person, we strive to take part in sharing stories as we live out our reason, our purpose - daily.


Fellowship · With storytelling in mind, we encourage you to take ownership of your purpose by engaging others around you daily as a form of breaking bread with the body - your family, your friends, your church, your community. Share bravely.




Now, not everyone knows what their life’s calling is, or even what their specific passions are, so if that is you, you are not alone. Our passions, callings, purpose is cultivated through various interactions and life experiences as a whole. Get plugged into spaces that draw you in, keep your ears to those who share stories of interest, and stay open to finding, understanding, and cultivating your passion.


Have a story to tell? Reach out to the Break Bread Daily team at