The Known Is Overrated.

"The known can only be what it currently is. The ambiguous on the other hand, the unknown; endless possibilities." -- I don't know about you all, but for me, planning can easily become everything. We can't execute anything without knowing every step of the process right? Figure out the project, create an objective, and then the planning begins - for everything. When will we start? When will we end? Who will we partner with? Who will we share with? When and how will we share it? - The list goes on and on, but it doesn't stop there. We then dream-up scenarios in an effort to plan how we would react to each one. All of a sudden we've begun planning for circumstances that can't even happen yet because while all of this planning has been going on, we've forgotten to actually start our project.

While planning is very essential, we tend to use it as a control-crutch. We over-plan as a way to try and control the future of our projects (and frankly other areas of our lives as well). We spend so much time and energy planning for a perfect situation that we almost never reach the point of implementation or execution. Planning, or more so over-planning, now becomes an act of procrastination.

Don't get me wrong, not being able to plan for certain circumstances can be terrifying, but let's begin to look at the future of our projects in a more optimistic lens. In life, more times than not, we are taught to dream small. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. This notion makes us plan for mediocracy. We know that if we do *insert basic task item here*, then we will get *insert basic reward here*. However, what we fail to notice is that a lot of things that lead to successful projects involve leaps of faith! Looking out into the ambiguous and jumping right in - even though we don't know what the outcome will be.

When we don't know what's ahead and still move forward towards it, we grow our faith and allow God to come through. We begin to trust with optimism even when others tell us to stay pessimistic. We take bold risks even if all we are using is the spiritual direction of discernment. And we hope with the satisfaction that our purpose will come to fruition because we are called to it. Break Bread Daily is starting our own journey, and we urge you all to join us in embracing ambiguity. Don't fear the unknown, but start seeing the unknown as a window into endless opportunities. If you wanted to explore the entire universe but only plan to reach the moon, you will never make it to the stars.


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